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5 Sales Team Training & Development Topics You Need To Know

5 Sales Team Training & Development Topics You Need To Know

Collaboration, teamwork, idea sharing, and prioritizing organizational initiatives seem like they would be foundations for business growth and success. All organizations have specific challenges and opportunities that require discussion and attention to move forward in a positive direction. However, very few growing organizations take the time to work “on” their business for planning and communicating as a team. Unfortunately, if these sales team training topics aren’t addressed, it often results in issues that stifle productivity and team development.

In 2015, our team conducted a survey with some of our business connections in the Edmonton community. The intent of the study was to identify what topics on team training and development would be most beneficial to stimulate team development and success.

The findings still apply today, and they’re worth taking another look at. As of 2021, businesses face several new challenges. But these challenges only emphasize the importance of rigorous sales team training and team development processes.

Must-Have Sales Team Training & Development Topics

Below is a list of the top employee training and sales team development topics on the “wish list,” based on our survey, along with a brief description.

Effective Communication

Effective communication among organizations and their teams can be the number one success contributor. Having systems in place that keep employees informed, engaged, and productive is vital.

Customer Service Skills

Do your team members relay a consistent message to your customers? Is it remarkable? Getting feedback from your customers on your products and services and applying/implementing their suggestions will help retain them.

Creating Daily Habits that Get Results

From the time you wake up, go to work, serve your customers, have dinner with your family and finally go to bed, your habits matter. Good habits are valuable, and some “bad” habits can drain momentum and results.

Dealing with Conflict

Workplace conflict can be a significant distraction and productivity killer. It can also break up teams and result in employees leaving their jobs because of unhealthy relationships. Identify the cause of these issues and why the conflict exists. Learn how to collaborate with your colleagues and customers.

Speaking of conflict, we cover five tips for resolving customer conflict in this post.

Sales Management

How do you coach and lead your sales team? Managing and communicating expectations from the top down will help sales team members understand what they are doing well and where they may be able to improve. Do you inspect what you expect?

For more on sales, check out this post next: Focusing on the ABMs versus the ABCs of Sales & Why It Matters.


Additional Resources for Sales Team Training and Development

Suppose your business is approved for The Canada-Alberta Job Grant. In that case, this grant will cover 2/3 of the cost of new training initiatives, to a maximum of $10,000 per employee to a maximum of $300,000 for the organization. This is a way to realize a return on your investment. The grant requires your business to pay for your training cost when training starts. However, you will receive 1/3 of that training cost shortly after your initial investment.

At the end of the training (e.g., 6-12 months,) your business will receive an additional 1/3 of that total training cost you invested in your employees. How’s that for a return?

With the financial hardships, many businesses face during the COVID, the eligibility requirements have recently expanded for this grant. For example, an “eligible trainee” now includes employed family members of eligible employers.

Here are a few reasons this is an excellent choice for Alberta businesses:

  1. It is a tremendous opportunity to realize a return on your training costs.
  2. The Grant encourages Alberta businesses to invest in their employees now.
  3. Investing in your employees can reap future benefits for your business when the economy heats up again…..and it will.
  4. Now is the time to invest in your greatest asset … your team. Training and development will get your business ready for future growth opportunities!

X5 Management offers an extensive list of sales and service-related courses/workshops that can support virtually any business’s training needs in any industry. If your business wants to take advantage of the grant so that you can expand on your sales and service-related training for your employees, X5 would be pleased to discuss your organization’s training needs.

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Did you like reading about these essential sales team training and team development topics?

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This post was first published in 2015, but it was updated in 2021 just for you.



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