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About X5 Management

Since 2006, the team at X5 Management has been supporting Alberta-based customers in a variety of industries with tailored Training, Coaching, and Consulting Services to improve Sales Performance, Customer Service, Teamwork, Leadership Development, and Communication. X5 aligns teams to achieve. Our programs avoid bringing cookie-cutter solutions to unique and industry-specific challenges. We tailor our Coaching and Training Solutions to meet the needs of your organization and team. X5 has contributed to a long list of successful businesses.

Since 2006, X5 Management has successfully supported numerous clients across several different industries.  We are proudly Alberta-based, with operations in Edmonton and Calgary.

What do we do?  We Align Leaders and Teams to Achieve.

How do we do it? 
Through the provision of thoughtfully tailored corporate training and coaching solutions, which are designed to maximize the effectiveness of organizations’ leadership teams.

Why do we do it?
At X5 Management, we are driven to build high-functioning leadership teams which produce positive results for business profitability and staff engagement.

We believe that with the right training and coaching supports, every leader has the ability to positively impact their organization.  We also believe that every employee should have the opportunity to work for an organization that they trust to take care of them and their community.  In the context of a healthy and positive corporate culture, employees are self-motivated to serve as company ambassadors and actively participate in the achievement of business objectives!

Some valued customers include:
.. and many more.

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