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  • It is with great pleasure and ease to provide this testimonial and recommendation for Mike Mack and X5 Management based on the work he did with us at Oilers Entertainment Group. I originally reached out to X5 Management to assist our dedicated service and retention teams with improved cross-selling abilities, customer relationship building, communication skills, and overall sales and service confidence. To say that X5 Management helped us achieve these goals would be an understatement.

    Following two successful days consisting of DiSC assessments and sales and relationship training, our team of 20 professionals were more engaged and confident in their abilities to strengthen the customer relationship and drive incremental revenue. We were also a tighter-knit group, opening up more avenues to coach and support each other day-to-day.

    – Jody Young

    Vice President, Fan Experience

    Oilers Entertainment Group

  • Our team used X5 Management for our company’s Emerging Leaders training, and Kris, our facilitator, was great! She was engaging and a great fit for our group. It is evident in our organization that this 12-month course has made a positive impact in both leadership and overall mindset. 

    I would recommend X5 Management and we will hire them again in the near future!

    – Henny Sunner

    Marketing & Renovation Sales Manager

    Durabuilt Windows and Doors

  • Our Foundation utilized the services of XS Management for a Strategic Planning session with our board, which was led by X5 Management.

    • X5 Management encouraged the key people to interact with operations about their perception of the organizations future and brings those views to the table
    • Allowed for open and free discussions regardless of each person’s position within the organization but did not let one person dominate the session.
    • Captured conversations, points, comments and ensured that everyone understood his/her individual role in it
    •  Clearly stated next steps during the session strategic and made sure everyone understands who is responsible for what (or at least tried)
    • Focused on opportunities, strengths, weaknesses, and challenges the future
    •  Redefined the foundations mission in order to enable the key people to share the same view of the philosophy, goals, and future direction
    • Organizes the foundations objectives into key areas in order to process and prioritize them easily and allocate resources
    • He paid attention to the human resources required for the plan to succeed

    It was a pleasure working with X5 Management. They were calm, professional and able to refocus the group. We would recommend XS Management for any organization looking to create a Strategic Plan.

    – Janine Fraser

    Executive Director

    Kids Kottage

  • Over the years, Mike and his team trained hundreds of our employees on many value-add courses with the intent of continually elevating our Customer Service and ensuring our strong corporate culture continues to strengthen. In addition, X5 focuses on Leadership Coaching with our Management Team, along with our Lead Hands, and supervisors.

    I would highly recommend the professional services of X5 Management if you are looking at improving your business in the areas of customer service, sales performance, team alignment, employee retention, and leadership development. Investing in these areas has been key to our continued business success and has led to greater overall satisfaction within our team. It has also given our business the edge it needs to produce results that positively impact on our bottom line.

    – Eddy Stahl

    Chief Executive Officer


  • In the summer of 2022, Alberta Municipalities hired X5 Management to provide facilitation services for a series of high-level stakeholder meetings between our association, another provincial municipal association, and the Government of Alberta.

    Gordon Sheppard and Mike Mack were the experienced X5 facilitators who worked with us before, during and after each meeting.

    Not only did they help us to identify and determine shared priorities and key principles for alignment prior to each meeting, but during the actual negotiation sessions they objectively created a respectful and disciplined environment that allowed all participants to express themselves.

    Overall, we were very pleased with X5’s support and facilitation skills.

    – Dan Rude

    Chief Executive

    Officer Alberta Municipalities

  • It was great to see professionals like X5 Management look into our business and aid us in steering the ship, so to speak. The training, including Strategic Planning and Leadership, was very well received (feedback). You saved us time, and the session was long overdue. Our whole corporate image has improved with the training you provided. We loved it and we can’t wait to do it again.

    The X5 Management Team know what they’re doing and will deliver exactly what you ask for! Phenomenal experience with X5. Our company is growing and X5 supported us in building a corporate persona that we are very proud of, and we will shout it from the top of our lungs. The experience was efficient, well delivered, and specific to our needs.

    – Bogdan Nastase

    Project Manager

    Kichton Contracting Ltd.

  • Over the past year, I’ve had the pleasure of working with Mike Mack on a coaching basis. Our entire Primary Management Group recently went through two days of Strategic Planning facilitated by Mike and Brent Collingwood of the X5 Team, following a very productive “5 Behaviors of a Cohesive Team” session with Mike. Because of my relationship with Mike, I had high expectations for our sessions and was blown away by their quality. We left our planning sessions feeling aligned, energized and ready to take on a big year of growth. A huge thanks to Mike and the X5 team for their guidance and friendship!

    – Richard Hansen


    Sky Eye Measurement

  • Since we started working with Mike and X5, there has been a measurable improvement to the cohesiveness of our team at BDG. The ability to have that level of trust and honesty right from the start has been invaluable. There has been such a strong connection and trusted relationship established between Mike and I that I feel like I can run anything by him. To be able to share my vision and thought process and have Mike’s expertise and ability to give me information and solutions that bring clarity to my strategy is immeasurable. He’s like an outside Board of Directors. I can’t thank Mike enough for the insights, support and guidance he gives me so that I can make decisions for the company and feel comfortable with those decisions.

    Within our Executive team, Mike has opened up more conversation and communication which has driven a stronger bond between us so that we are able to think more outside the box.

    – Denis Dale


    Bob Dale Gloves & Imports

  • Bissel Centre’s leadership team engaged X5 Management Inc. to facilitate the Five Behaviours of a Cohesive Team workshop. Mike’s expert facilitation allowed us to keep a balance of working through the process while still finding time within the day to have meaningful conversations. It has been a short time since we spent the day with X5 Management and we have already drafted a new meeting template, leadership team charter with ground rules on how we work together and have made a commitment to adjust our pace. In other words, if you are looking for a way to identify both barriers and solutions to optimum performance, this is a fantastic resource to help make that a reality.

    – Gary St. Amand

    Chief Executive Officer

    Bissell Centre

  • We worked with Mike Mack and X5 Management for 9 months and it’s been very valuable. We have looked deep inside our organization and identified some real opportunities to improve. Mike has helped us line up our senior management team on the same page. With a serious focus on customer service and sales growth I can see a difference already. Something needs to be said on the importance of a strategic plan. No matter what size of organization you may have, X5 can help you align your team and goals. Thanks Mike and X5.

    – Drew Schamehorn


    Elite Promotional Marketing

  • X5 Management is able to build a foundation of trust with the teams they assist in training and development. This allows the X5 team the ability to identify needs and develop a strategy that encourages both individual and team growth. They understand the value of creating an environment where support and encouragement lead to collaboration in achieving specific goals. X5 is a pleasure to work with and has the highest degree of professionalism, which is visible through the respect they demonstrate with everyone they coach. I would recommend X5 Management to help evolve a group of individuals working together into a cohesive, supporting, successful team! Thank you for your support X5!

    – Greg Stahl


    New West Truck Centre

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