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Strategic Planning

X5 Management is proud of its reputation as a provider of high-quality strategic planning and meeting facilitation services. Nearly all organizations have a vision statement – but only the successful ones invest the time and resources in a plain-language roadmap which helps employees understand how to achieve it. Don’t feel intimidated if you’ve never done this before – we have! We would welcome the opportunity to support your leadership teams as a neutral meeting facilitator and/or to help you create a strategic plan which will align your leaders and teams to achieve.


A Strategic Planning Session facilitated by X5 Management can help you crystallize your purpose and inspire your teams to achieve your goals. 

X5 Management supports our clients to achieve their strategic planning goals ultilizing a “macro to micro” approach. We will generally structure a strategic planning session agenda to start with high-level, big-picture concepts which help an organization articulate its “Why,” consider variables which may impact it; and then extrapolate strategic priorities with executable action plans:


  • External stakeholder feedback
  • What’s your “Why”?
  • Values review
  • Political, Environmental/Economical, Societal, Technological analysis


  • Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Challenges analysis
  • Identification of Strategic Priorities
  • Preparation of Action Plan with Accountabilities
  • Planning to Communicate


  • Offers input into an ideal and interactive agenda​
  • Delivers an energized session to help maintain momentum and achieve your desired outcomes
  • Keeps the meeting group on task and engaged
  • Ensures everyone participates and helps engage the more quiet team members
  • Asks the difficult or uncomfortable questions
  • Captures important ideas and discussions
  • Presents a summary report from an outside fact-based perspective

A skilled facilitator must design and manage change by tapping into the power of participation and team think. When faced with important stakeholder meetings or planning sessions, your team members should not be burdened with the task of facilitating, but rather participating in robust conversations, discussions, and debates. That is why an X5 facilitator is the best option to achiever your desired results. 


  • examine your organization’s purpose as the foundation for your plan
  • consider both external and internal factors that impact your business
  • craft a 2 – 3 year roadmap with executable action plans
  • establish accountability parameters for success

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