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If we can’t sell more in 2015, can we sell better?

With our economy shifting gears in late 2014, we are still not certain on the outcome of moving forward. Those of us that sell a product or service are hoping that we can get through the remainder of 2015 with flying colors, but that story has yet to unfold.

In our Sales and Service Consulting business we have suggested to our customers that they need to ensure that Customer Service is “remarkable” and consistent in ALL aspects of their business. If more sales don’t materialize, they can still ensure that the existing customers come back for their regular business and purchases, based on providing their customers with “remarkable” service.
Simple ways that businesses can “sell” better:

can we sell better?

1) Communicate more with your customers (In-person, on-the-phone)

2) Unique Value (What can you offer that your competitors can’t?)

3) Smile more (Everyone loves service with a smile….and it keeps us coming back.

4) Train your employees to provide remarkable service. (Don’t leave this area to chance!)

5) Open-mindedness (Be able to look outside the box when solving customer problems)

6) Measure your customers spending with your business (Is it more than last year? Why is it up, why is it down?)

7) Empathy (Put yourself in the customer’s shoes when a challenging situation occurs)

8) Relationship (Try to learn more about your customer and connect with them… can go a long way!)

We can’t always necessarily control if sales will be up or down, but we can control how we service our valued customers!

photo credit: Customer Service Scrabble via photopin (license)

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