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Working towards a unique and unified sales and customer service approach

Stahl Peterbilt Testimonial

The team at X5 Management has been supporting Stahl Peterbilt (a full service truck/parts & service dealership) to improve their sales and customer service processes and initiatives since 2012. At this time, Stahl Peterbilt had the desire to improve their overall customer service approach to secure and retain customers.

The leadership team at Stahl aspired to create a customer service culture that was superior within their industry. Their vision was to create a unified approach with service standards for the organization that all team members could recognize and implement in an increasingly competitive marketplace.

Over this past year, X5 has supported Stahl with an organization-wide sales and customer service training program that all team members at all dealership locations would take part in. This was an opportunity to unite and unify the team on one strategic direction. It was also an opportunity for team members to discuss ideas, share information and collaborate with employees from other departments.

Recently, X5 President, Mike Mack, had a one-on-one discussion with some members of the Stahl leadership team to get a sense of the key benefits to engaging in X5’s services. Here is some of their feedback:

“X5 has provided us with new ideas and a fresh approach regarding our customer service techniques that has helped Stahl Peterbilt immeasurably.”
– Konrad Augustson, Sales Manager

“The training and coaching support from X5 has improved the level of consistency throughout our team and has challenged each department and the entire workplace to provide the best customer service possible.”
-Randy Kerr, General Service Manager

“The X5 approach has opened the eyes of our entire team as to how we deal with each other on a daily basis and how we consistently approach customers. As a group, we are very satisfied with the progress so far.”
– Brent Lawrence, Parts Manager

X5 has been committed to supporting Stahl in developing a unified and unique service approach that all team members recognize, understand and are willing to commit to. Not only has this assisted Stahl in improving their overall sales and customer service standards, but also has helped build a strong service culture of engaged employees that are satisfied and committed to the organization and their team members.

The team at X5 loves to support customers who have a desire to improve in these areas. If your business or a business you know could benefit from training and coaching support, X5 would be pleased to have a complimentary discovery conversation to identify opportunities and areas for development.


-The X5 Management Team





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