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X5 on Relaunch Podcast

X5 President, Mike Mack, had an opportunity to be interviewed by one of the leading Podcasters, in North America. Joel Boggess – ReLaunch Show (#1 podcast on iTunes *(Interview starts at the 7-minute mark of the podcast)

Joel refers to Mike as his “Canadian correspondent” as Joel had Mike on this Podcast other times in the past.

Some of the interview highlights:

What is the #1 thing that businesses need to do to have Remarkable Service?

“Service is everything, in any industry. You have to deliver great service to retain your customers. Always service what you sell.”

Why write a book on Customer Service?

“In strong economies or in the tough times. Customer Service is the one thing that every business can control and improve upon 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.”

What is Remarkable?

“It can be remarkably good service, however sometimes a business can do things that we remark about in a negative way. We must do the “little things” really well.

You can’t miss the details!! When you are connecting with your customer, make it all about them….show empathy. Spend more time acknowledging the customer service concern and avoid, selling thru it. Makes sure the customer truly feels that they were listened to! When the going gets tough, what do we do to support customers?

Mike’s take-away from writing the book.

Acquired this sixth sense about customer service where ever he goes. From the doctor to the dealership…. how are they treating me?

Your take-away

What does Remarkable Service actually look like in your business?   There is still lots of room to improve in most cases. What are the little things that can be improved in your business?

*(Interview starts at the 7-minute mark of the podcast)

Here’s to your Remarkable Business Success!



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