We Tailor Branded Material for Your Company

X5 will facilitate roundtable style and interactive training to capture valuable insight from participants, enhance employee engagement and improve soft skill development. We believe that this is a key component in our training as it promotes open communication between departments.X5 will create tailored and branded training material for you that is a unique package to suit your business and to enhance employee engagement.

X5’s popular workshops cover a variety of topics, such as Effective Communication in Sales and Service, Enhancing Productivity and Time Management, Remarkable Service and more. Download our Top 10 Most Popular Workshops.

X5 Management also offers Business Consulting and Leadership Coaching.

Sales Training

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Looking to improve your sales team or identify areas for improvement? Sales are affected by many elements within your business – your employees, your product or service offerings, your customer service, as well as the processes and procedures you have in place.

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Customer Service Training


The customer service training offered by X5 will help ensure you keep your customers satisfied and attract others by maintaining a positive reputation. How effective is your team at ensuring your customers are always happy?

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Training Grants

Did you know your business may qualify for the 
Canada-Alberta Job Grant where up to 2/3 of approved training costs will be funded up to $10,000 per trainee?

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