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5 Things Your Customers Want You to Know About Them

What your customers want you to know
Provide the best customer service by learning what your customers want you to know.

Imagine the level of service you could provide if you knew exactly what your customer was thinking. Not only would you have the tools to solve any problem effortlessly, but you’d also be able to create the tailored experiences that build loyalty, and keep happy customers coming back for more.

Unfortunately, none of us are born mind-readers. But that doesn’t mean it’s impossible to know what your customers are thinking. In order to provide the best customer experience possible, here are the top 5 things you customers want you to know about them, based on real-life customer experience survey results (1).

1. They Believe Honesty is The Best Policy

No matter how challenging the situation, customers always prefer when you’re transparent with them. Whether you’re uncertain of the answer to their question or if a mistake was made, customers want you to tell it like it is. And according to surveys, they won’t hold it against you. Instead, customers say they’re more like to remember you for your honesty rather than for an error.

2. A Tailored Experience Will Win Them Over (More Than Anything Else)

Your customers are aware that you deal with hundreds of people each day. This is why they appreciate receiving a tailored experience which makes them feel valued, rather than  generic response that makes them feel like another number.

Tailoring your customer’s experience can include anything from initiating a simple conversation about how their day is going, to remembering their order or name. In fact, surveys say that customers are far more likely to remember you and your business when you remember their name.

3. They Appreciate Feeling Appreciated

Customers want to know they’re appreciated when they spend their hard-earned money with you.

While there are many ways to show customer appreciation such as bonus offers, freebies, rewards or greeting cards on special occasions, customers don’t necessarily care about the form of appreciation they receive, as long as they receive it.

Since appreciation is high on the list of what customers are looking for, going the extra mile to make each customer feel appreciated is an easy way to stand out from competitors. Showing appreciation will also help increase the number of returning customers your business receives.

4. They Don’t Like Being Sold To, But They Love to Buy

Customers love to buy on their own terms, but not so much when they’re being sold to.

When a customer feels like they’re being sold to, they may also feel pressured, insecure and uncomfortable— and much like they’re just another dollar sign walking into your store.

Customers especially feel sold to when they’re offered one up-sell after another, or when items are suggested to them that are out of budget and don’t suit their individual needs.

Now, there’s nothing wrong with suggesting an item to a customer that you truly believe will improve their overall experience— as long as it’s personally tailored to them. However, keeping extra item suggestions and up-sells to a minimum will also help prevent customers from feeling like they’re simply another sale.

5. Listen to Them and They Will Trust You

Lastly, customers just want to be heard.

In fact, ensuring your customer knows you’re listening to them is one of the most efficient ways to begin building trust and resolving complaints. But listening is also critical for improving customer experiences outside of challenging situations.

For example, “listening” on social media by paying attention to tweets, posts and mentions of your business, is an easy way to listen to the needs and desires of your customers. And by taking action on your customer’s feedback, they know they’re being listened to, which allows them to feel like you have their best interest in mind. And when a customer feels like you care about their needs, you begin to earn their trust

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