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Is Workplace Training Important?

Imagine a workplace where employees are unhappy and unsatisfied? They may have reduced capacity or productivity, or even low morale. In the end, the organization suffers because business performance, revenue, teamwork, and employee retention may be symptoms of a lack of training.

In many small and medium-sized organizations, that do not have the resources for a training department, training (beyond onboarding and job role orientation) does not exist. Regardless of the size of an organization, there are many benefits for investing in the training of employees.

Workplace training is important for several reasons, including skills development, increased productivity, employee engagement and satisfaction, talent retention and attraction, succession planning and adaptability to change.

This article will explore these specifics and point out the likelihood of overcoming workplace obstacles when employees pursue training.


Skills Development:

Training programs provide employees with the opportunity to learn new skills and enhance their existing ones. This helps them stay up to date with industry trends, technologies, and best practices, enabling them to perform their jobs more effectively and efficiently.

Increased Productivity:

Well-trained employees are more competent and confident in their roles, leading to increased productivity. Training equips employees with the knowledge and tools necessary to perform their tasks efficiently, reducing errors and wasted time. As employees become more proficient, they can accomplish more in less time.

Employee Engagement and Satisfaction:

Investing in employee development through training demonstrates a commitment to their professional growth. This boosts employee morale, job satisfaction, and engagement levels. When employees feel valued and supported, they are more likely to be motivated and loyal to their organization.

Talent Retention and Attraction:

Employees appreciate opportunities for growth and development. By providing comprehensive training programs, organizations can attract top talent and retain skilled employees. Training demonstrates a commitment to employees’ long-term success, making an organization an attractive place to work.

Succession Planning:

Training programs play a crucial role in succession planning by identifying high-potential employees and preparing them for leadership roles. Through training, organizations can develop a pipeline of capable individuals who can step into key positions when needed, ensuring continuity and reducing disruptions.

Adaptability to Change

In today’s rapidly changing business landscape, organizations must adapt to new technologies, processes, trends, and market demands. Training programs help employees acquire the skills and knowledge needed to embrace change and adapt to new situations. This enables organizations to remain competitive and agile in the face of evolving industry trends.


What are the Benefits of Training?

There are extensive benefits to workplace training for any organization, and particularly those experiencing growth or change. These are organizations who are hiring for growth, promoting for added support, and moving personnel to different roles or departments. Change creates anxiety, but change is also inevitable. And important.

Foundational learning is understanding ourselves, and how our behavior and tendencies might affect others, for better or for worse. Understanding our personal motivators helps us learn more about why we may be drawn to certain projects or experiences, and how to best stay motivated. Understanding and recognizing differences in our co-workers helps us appreciate different workstyles, and how we can work together as a team.

Benefits also include employees learning together, and often learning more about each other from a personal perspective. This builds trust, which is the foundation of teamwork. Whether a team of front-line workers, aspiring leaders, or a leadership team, learning the same material and concepts contributes to empowerment, productivity, and collaboration.


“Investment in training has incredible returns. Not only does training support developing skills, but it also shows employees that they are valuable”   – Indeed


Training Impact on Culture

An organization’s culture cannot be mandated, prescribed, or initiated through policies and procedures. Culture is belief’s and behaviors embraced by employees and influenced by leadership. A culture can be described in single words, and it can be measured through several variables that all point back to employee morale.

According to, key culture metrics include:

  • The number of referrals employees recommend to your organization
  • Turnover and retention rates and how they measure within the industry
  • Productivity and how effectively employees complete tasks and meet objectives
  • Communication including top to bottom and across departments, as well as consistency of follow up and feedback

When an employer invests in employee training, the objective is professional, and personal, development that includes accountability for performance in the areas being trained. The objective can also include a willingness, given the additional skills, to advance. A culture that includes promotion from within facilitates goal setting, enhanced performance, and more open communication.


What X5 Management Has to Offer

As an authorized and award-winning partner with Everything DiSC® and the Five Behaviors™, X5 Management is pleased to be able to offer a suite of training products that can meet the needs of almost any workplace who want to unlock engagement, inspire collaboration, and ignite cultural transformation. The most significant benefit is improved workplace culture.


Imagine an employee training program that includes six professional development courses, yet an eligible employer only pays for two courses.

It is called the Canada-Alberta Job Grant.


Our slogan is “Aligning Leaders and Teams to Achieve”, and that is exactly what we do to help your team produce collective results through tailored training, and coaching. We offer programs for any business, ranging from Customer Service, Sales Growth, Team Building, Leadership Development, and more.

We have a talented and dedicated team of Facilitators, Trainers, and Coaches to serve your training needs to help you create an environment of skilled and knowledgeable employees and create the learning environment you need to grow your business in today’s competitive landscape and challenging times.

X5 Management offers an extensive list of communication, team development, leadership, sales, and service-related programs that can support any businesses training and coaching needs in any industry.

If your business wants to take advantage of the Canada-Alberta Job Grant so that you can expand on your sales and service-related training for your employees, let’s discuss your organization’s training needs in a complimentary Discovery Meeting.

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