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Has Workplace Culture Changed

We all agree the workplace is very different than it was in 2020, before COVID. We may be working at home, some, or all of the time. We’re working in casual clothing and may even participate in meetings with pets or children on our laps or at our feet. We may be back at the office full-time, and happy for it. Or we may be part of a hybrid workplace culture requiring us to go to the office on set days and work from home on others if we so choose.

Employee priorities of what is expected of their organizations have fundamentally shifted. If one thing is for sure, it’s that workplace culture is changing. Employees have become more independent in their thinking since the shift in workplace locations, and that has caused resentment and likely contributed to the Great Resignation.


Studying Workplace Culture Now and Beyond

In April 2021, Wiley surveyed 4,500 respondents, including working professionals from various industries. The objective was to learn more about what could be done to help employees maintain a healthy work/life balance and ultimately keep stress at bay to avoid losing top talent.


Succession Planning can play an important part in retaining your top talent.


Organizational success

When asked what impacted their organization’s success:

  • 44% said the organization’s employees
  • 33% said the organization’s leadership
  • 12% said the organization’s products or services
  • 8% said the organization’s reputation

Stress levels in the workplace

When asked what stress levels were, currently, with hybrid or work-from-home status, respondents said:

  • 42% high-stress levels
  • 36% moderate stress levels
  • 22% low-stress levels

Managing stress

And then, when asked what the organization could do to lower stress levels, respondents said:

  • Additional personal time off (PTO) or mental health days
  • Greater work hours flexibility
  • Non-work time to connect with colleagues (even if virtually)
  • Listening sessions with leadership
  • Training opportunities

Making employees feel valued

Next, respondents were also asked what the employer could do, and the response was, “Make me feel more valued.” And if so, I will feel more:

  • Motivated
  • Valued and appreciated
  • Connected with the organization
  • Happier to collaborate
  • Myself if there is a culture of inclusion

Leadership is constantly evolving as traditional “one size fits all’ changes to a more agile and aware role. Regardless, the visionary leader will need to keep in mind that employee expectations are also changing, and a catalyst such as remote work has created an important shift in what makes a leader adaptable and collabortive.


Workplace Culture is Changing

According to Wiley,

“Things have changed. Your organization has changed. You have changed. The old you who protected your privacy and considered what to share at work is now being interrupted in the middle of meetings by one of your kids who just wants a hug. The old you that spent an hour getting ready in the morning is now rolling out of bed with five minutes to spare, only to throw on a quick top, keeping your pyjama bottoms firmly intact.”

Wiley concludes,

“If you are a leader, we urge you to put your people first. Not just because it’s the right thing to do, but because keeping your people and reducing turnover is better for your bottom line. And if you’re a people, consider sharing this information with your leaders, so they have the right insight they need to take a people-centred approach to business, ensuring you (and other amazing talent like you) stay on board. Whatever the future brings, we know people are going to be at the core.”

What is important now is for organizations to ensure they have a “people-centred workplace culture” that suggests a kinder and more empathetic workplace where everyone cares a little more, especially about the people behind the scenes.

Ultimately, employers need to create a win-win environment that serves the organization’s best interest and its people. Everything DiSC® Workplace offers training to do just that.

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Employees have higher expectations from their employer than they did in the past. Employees, and their families, have had time to reflect on pre and post COVID work life balance and even without plans, many are poised to give up the comfortable lives they know and do something that they feel will make them happy.

That leads onto an entirely different topic – staffing shortages in all industries. Many workplaces did not plan well for an aging workforce, let alone an existing workforce that is no longer loyal. Workplaces are also not prepared to manage multiple generations; for the first time in history there are up to five generations under one roof.

A culture that puts its employees first is critical in avoiding labour shortages, workplace reputation, disgruntled employees, and poor succession planning. Employees should be allowed to voice their opinions and learn the “why’s” behind decisions that impact workplace dynamics.

One of the solutions is Workplace Training, including Leadership Training for leadership. Employees at all levels will benefit from training, especially when foundational training begins with communication and understanding the differences between one another.

Everything DiSC®

Everything DiSC®, with its award-winning Authorized Partner network, is a global leader in delivering personalized, soft skills learning experiences that have an immediate and lasting impact on the performance of people and cultures of organizations. To discover how Everything DiSC® can inspire meaningful culture change in your organization, connect with your local Everything DiSC® Authorized Award-Winning Partner, X5 Management, today.

X5 Management has a team of Certified DiSC® Facilitators; DiSC® is an assessment-based learning experience that deepens awareness, inspires appreciation of others, and fosters effective collaboration in the workplace. This is an excellent program to ignite cultural transformation.


X5 Management offers an extensive list of communication, team development, leadership, sales, and service-related programs that can support any businesses training and coaching needs in any industry.

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