All businesses are made up of human relationships, both internally and externally. All of the business metrics, jargon and management systems cannot alter the fact that how people feel is of central importance to the success of any business. Even the highest quality products, for example, cannot make up for poor customer service, and consumers will prefer a lower quality product that comes from a company that treats them with respect.

Just as important as your company’s external customers are its internal ones. These internal customers are your employees, stakeholders, business partners and so on. All these people require, and deserve, the same culture of positive communication as your external customers. Your company’s culture of communication, internal and external, determines how effective it is at selling the best products and services at the lowest costs. A poor culture of communication leads to conflict, inefficiency, dissatisfaction and much more, both internally and externally, and ultimately harms your long-term reputation and bottom line.

An informed understanding of different communication and conflict styles empowers all your employees when interacting with each other and customers, as well as dealing with conflict when it inevitably arises. A positive culture of communication means that your employees have the skills and experience to make the most of any relationship or event, no matter how good or bad, which maximizes the benefits from all the uncountable interactions that make up the everyday functioning of your business.

Strong communication skills are among the hardest human resource assets to find in the business world. People with a talent in this area often command strong salaries and respected positions because this skill-set is so important and valuable. However, the basics of communication skills, conflict resolution and understanding different communication styles can be learned by all your employees given the right coaching. Training your employees in basic communication skills creates a cycle of positive reinforcement throughout your business, as better outcomes from more effective communication drives further efforts to at positive communication.

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