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X5 Audio Series: The 5 Greatest Opportunities Facing Alberta Businesses

Welcome to the X5 Management Audio Series: The 5 Greatest Opportunities Facing Alberta Businesses

We are delighted to reveal five greatest opportunities facing Alberta businesses right now, at least from our perspective. As you listen to this audio, ask yourself these questions. Is our business interested in capitalizing on all of these opportunities? Are WE ready to improve our business?

Let’s get started with our first opportunity: Exceed Customer Expectations. Let’s face it, it’s Alberta and everyone wants service or product NOW. But can your business do more to improve. Is there a lack of on time delivery of products and service after the sale? Is there communication with customers to update them on status of expected service dates and times? When your business makes an extra effort to exceed those expectations your customers will remember the experience and keep coming back, and believe me they will tell other people and businesses as well.

The second opportunity: Manage Business Risk, even when you are too busy. Do you have key people in your company that you know everything about your business? What if they were sick for a month? 3 months?  What if the left your company today? Managing the people risk of your business is critical. Establish a backup plan today before it becomes a crisis tomorrow.

The third opportunity: Ensure Your Business Processes are Consistently in Place. Here are a few questions for you. Are YOUR business processes well documented? Does every employee do daily tasks or duties the same way, everyday? Could inconsistency lead to bigger problems for your business? Can THINGS fall through the cracks? Improving business processes is vital for productivity, efficiency and business profitability.

The fourth opportunity: Empower, Engage and Develop the People within your Company. When people don’t feel empowered they stop making decisions and when people aren’t engaged in decisions they may look for greener pastures and go elsewhere. When people aren’t continually developing new skills, they stop growing learning and adding value to your business. Include your team in the process of making decisions today.

The fifth opportunity: Maximize Sales Revenue Opportunities for your Business. Perhaps business is good right now. Why call on previous customers for additional business or for referrals? When new doors aren’t proactively being open by your salesforce because business usually walks in the front door. But what if it stopped walking in the front door today? Having a steady flow in your sales pipeline in the good times and tougher times is critical to any business.

So what will most businesses do with these five opportunities? Well some will do nothing, simply because they are too busy. But when will they not be too busy? Some will think about doing something later on, but when is later on too late?

The good news… some will take action and improve or eliminate roadblocks to prevent them from realizing on these five opportunities within their business now. They are READY to improve their business. If you are a business that WANTS and NEEDS to take action now and YOU are ready to improve your business within any, or all of these five areas of opportunity, X5 would love to hear from you.

Contact us today at or explore our website and find out more about our Business Process and our proven methods. In addition, how we can help your business capitalize on the 5 greatest opportunities facing Alberta business right now. We look forward to hearing from you!

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