I have the good fortune to know and work with many organizations and within each organization there are great people at all levels, titles and positions. What is very cool for me is that by taking the time to build relationships for keeps with people at all levels I discovered many of these great people.

Seems simple I know, but too often we may skip by someone because they aren’t on the list of people we need to meet or connect with today. Don’t be too hasty.  Slow down the process when given an opporutnity to meet new people.  You will be pleasantly surprised!

small handshakingThis week’s Blog is intended to offer perspective when we meet, talk to and ultimately build meaningful relationships with people. This may include a workplace, social setting, your community, or right at home.

Do we focus on position and title only? Is it most important to impress the CEO or build a relationship with everyone that you work with?
 Most people work within an organization that has more than one person. (You may be self-employed, a farmer or you are retired, but hopefully you can relate to the message)

With reference to the Blog title: Relationships for Keeps, I wanted to offer some insight into how we can all do a better job of building meaningful relationships with people at all levels and titles. There are only a few fundamentals that if you are patient and consistent and you do them every time, the opportunity to build meaningful relationships will exist. (Remember…these fundamentals can work at home too )

LRT (Like-Respect-Trust)
: This point is a passion of mine as many of you know and I bring it up often, because it is simple and highly effective. Whether you are meeting the CEO or the receptionist, be likeable, show respect and earn the trust of others, over time. Title, age, gender or background doesn’t play a factor when you truly want to create LRT.

: As I learned from leadership guru and best-selling author, John C. Maxwell “connecting is all about others”.
 As Maxwell stated in his book: Everyone Communicates-Few Connect “When you are trying to connect with people, it’s not about you — it’s about them. If you want to connect with others, you have to get over yourself”. Give it a try this week while at work and when you get home for dinner.

Act with intention: 
Every interaction that you have with people you should ideally act with the intent on building a more meaningful relationship. This may occur at your place of work, the drycleaner, grocery store and at home. Being aware of your intentions helps you in all situations. (Think about your intentions the next time you interact with someone)

Be genuine: 
The more genuine and natural you are in connecting and speaking with others, the easier it will be to build meaningful relationships with people of all backgrounds, professions and titles.

If you are like me and you truly value people and you want to build relationships for keeps it takes effort, practice and focus. The above tips can work for you in all situations and all locations that you interact with people. Give them a try!

“People who have good relationships at home are more effective in the marketplace”. -Zig Ziglar

Here’s to your business success!

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