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Control and Your Business

The team at X5 hopes that you, your family and your business are in the middle of a fantastic summer.  An Albertan summer represents many opportunities to build relationships, spend time with family and allows us to re-energize and focus on our personal and professional priorities. However, sometimes some of us have so much on our plates this time of year that we end up feeling unhappy and out of control.

Many people may ask themselves “what’s the point?” when thinking about a particular job they have to do or perhaps a working relationship that needs time and energy. Narrowing your focus and only concentrating on what you can control in your business is the first step to improving your productivity and results.

Studies have shown that those individuals that have a greater sense of control at work are more likely to have greater career and personal satisfaction.  They are even more productive and better within their jobs. Too many of us spend valuable time worrying and focusing on those things that we ultimately cannot control. To add to this, workplace stress is at an all-time high. Studies have shown that nearly 70% of employees work beyond scheduled time and on weekends; more than half cited “self-imposed pressure” as the reason.  Self-imposed pressure! Often time this pressure is built up through agonizing over projects, workplace situations or the current economic situation that is outside of our control.

What do you have control over this week or this month that will impact your level of success?  For example, you cannot control what traffic is like in the morning.  You can however control what time you leave in the morning or how you spend your time in the vehicle.  (Maybe you spend time learning through an instructional CD and take time for personal development).  You may not be able to control the number of emails or phone calls your receive on a particular day; you can however control your schedule, how frequently you check your email and your reaction to distractions throughout your day.  (Keys to becoming more productive).  Although you may not have control over daily projects and challenges that arise, you can control how you manage your task list and your level of focus when completing particular tasks and assignments.  You can’t control how a prospective customer reacts to your sales call; you can control your preparation, your script and the number of calls you make.

Our happiness and success can often be impacted by paying close attention to how we focus our attention and to avoid wasting valuable time on things outside of our power.

Having difficulty feeling in control of your work world?  Start in one particular area and start small to begin to take steps to gaining back your focus and your productivity.  Think about how your workday could be improved through identifying your most immediate and valuable priorities to the growth of your business.  Start this today.

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