Many businesses are plagued by a lack of employee engagement. Despite the best efforts of the management team to maintain morale and a positive team-mentality, employees continue to drift back into old patterns of avoiding responsibility and only doing the bare minimum. Not only does this negative culture affect traditional business metrics, such as productivity, but it also acts as a major impediment to innovation and growth by disrupting efforts at improvement and the tackling of new challenges.

This pervasive negative culture is even more of a problem during an economic downturn when businesses need to be especially creative and flexible to adjust to the harsher conditions they face. Unfortunately, precisely when a business needs creativity, innovation, and entrepreneurship the most, are the times when their employees are least likely to demonstrate the necessary positive cultural attitude toward their work and the company.

A culture of positive entrepreneurship that runs right through the company and across all its employees requires more than the occasional pep-talk. Such a culture is the product of an everyday commitment to structuring the business in a way that promotes positive employee attitudes. This kind of structure naturally makes employees feel as if they are an important part in the creation of a product or service that brings substantial satisfaction to its consumers. Everyone wants to feel as if what they do is important and valued, but it can be difficult for many employees to see the impact of their contribution on the overall reputation of the company and the quality of its products and services.

There are techniques that can help to structure a business in a way that employees naturally develop this sense of engagement and ownership on their own. These techniques provide every employee with a sense of the importance and meaning of their role in the greater structure of the overall company and drive employees to develop a sense of responsibility by themselves that does not require constant reinforcement from management.

This organic culture of engagement means that all employees will be naturally looking for ways to improve what they do and perform above and beyond the expected through self-directed innovation and entrepreneurship. The entrepreneurship your employees engage in can be the boost your company needs in the midst of tough economic conditions.

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