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Unique Ability in Sales and Service

I recently finished reading a book called “Unique Ability” that is based on a concept by Dan Sullivan. (Dan is the creator/founder of the Strategic Coach Program). Unique Ability explores the idea of leveraging and maximizing the potential that is distinctive to each of us.  The principle behind this is that everyone possesses a combination of talents, interests, and capabilities unique to that individual.  

How can we apply this principle to business or to sales and customer service initiatives?  Your companies unique ability includes the talents and abilities, characteristics that describe you, what your good at, how you do things, what customers count on your for, and other distinguishing features others see about who you are.


The book suggests that individuals should reach out to connections within their personal and business network to gather feedback on what their unique ability is.  Can your business do the same to create your unique value proposition? Use the 4 steps below to apply the unique ability concept to your business to create a competitive advantage.

Create your Unique Ability Statement for Service: It starts with your team.  Have a discussion on what your unique ability is within your industry. Better yet, have your sales and service team complete the same process individually.  This will help to ensure every team members unique talents are utilized.

sales abilities
We all possess a combination of talents, interests and capabilities unique to us.

Gather Feedback from Customers: Part of unique ability comes from having others give feedback regarding their perception of you. Do you know how your customers would perceive your level of service?  Do you know what your customers really want? Perhaps its time to find out.

Create a list of your 10 best habits: Using the feedback from customers, as well as ideas created through discussion with your team, create a list of 10 habits that your business will do automatically to produce the best results.  Focus on what’s best about your business and what you can build upon.

Let go of “Incompetent Activities”: Once you have discovered your businesses unique ability, it will be easier to let go of those things and activities you may be doing that do not fit within the core values of your business.  The quicker you let go of what the book coins “incompetent activities”, the more opportunity you will have to expand upon the unique ability of your business and sales/service team.

photo credit: Create Your Own Light… via photopin (license)

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