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Something to be said for culture

Guest blog by Trish Kushniruk

While travelling through Asia recently, I became acutely aware of the culture around me. No, I`m not referring to Nasi Goreng and batik silk – I am talking about the culture that exists in everyday business environments. In particular, as I made my way through the island of Bali, I found that the atmosphere and energy of certain shops and restaurants made me want to prolong my stay. You know, linger a little longer and really soak it up.I spent an afternoon at Ku De Ta, a beachside restaurant that was heaven the moment you set foot onto their patio. Everything from the music to the floor plan to the passport-mimicked PR booklet made sure you knew you were in a traveller’s paradise. Because of this incredible attention to detail, I felt an overwhelming feeling of bliss that captivated each of my senses. It also occurred to me that, as I surveyed this unique restaurant, I was surrounded by like-minded individuals – people with the same acute likes and tastes as me.

This got me thinking about the significance of culture in business. If you want to attract a certain type of a clientele, does your distinct culture speak to them? If you want them to feel comfortable and have trust in your product, should your corporate culture match your client’s values? No doubt every business’ corporate environment is perceived and judged by their clients every day – so are we doing all we can to create a place that they can relate to and trust?

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