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Putting Social Media to Work For You

Do you and your business have a social media marketing strategy? How active are you or your employees on social media? Perhaps you have not seen a significant return on your social media investment so you have decided to give up on its use entirely. Before giving up, did you really give it a chance to succeed? Have you committed to some unique and entertaining ways to share content and add value to those members of your network? (Did you know that many of these members could be potential customers or connected to potential customers who simply aren’t aware of what you do or the products and services you provide.)

If you are looking to raise awareness through social media, one of your goals may be to help customers and prospects get to know you and your business. It will be imperative for your business to identify what will be important to share and how you will go about sharing it.

In today’s very congested and competitive marketplace, the need to differentiate your business and stand out has never been so crucial.  Effective marketing campaigns and consumer purchasing patterns are continuously evolving. Consumers have very limited attention spans as they are constantly being bombarded with information.  The expectation around media sharing and marketing campaigns is that it must be instant, on-demand and shareable. Accessible and convenient social video sharing may be your solution to increased awareness amongst your target market.

New apps now make it easy to record video and share it with your audience.  Vine and Instagram are two mediums that can be used to record video that can be easily uploaded to other social media platforms such as LinkedIn and Twitter. These apps make producing quick videos about your company convenient, easy to commit to and very conducive to a small marketing budget. The question then becomes what type of content should you be sharing?  No matter what your business, it will be important for consumers to quickly identify what it is you are offering and how it can benefit them.  Whether you own a clothing store, run a restaurant or sell financial advisory services, a quick “how to” or product “demonstration” may be enough to capture your targets attention.  This may be as simple as recording a 10 to 30 second clip outlining a specific aspect of your business that you want to share.

I encourage you to consider the power of social video sharing in your next marketing meeting.  Identify some quick, informative and fun ways to promote your product and service, while connecting with and adding value to your customer.  Committing to a social media differentiation strategy shows your businesses commitment to increasing the awareness of your products and services.

Happy Thanksgiving from the Team at X5!

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