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Mike Mack featured on Podcast by Multimedia Journalist, Motivational Speaker and Creator of Let’s Have This Conversation, Kevin McShan.

Kevin McShan wakes up every morning energized and excited to have authentic and meaningful conversations. Which moves the needle of progress forward towards a more inclusive societal existence for all people. As the host of Let’s Have This Conversation McShan strives to place all voices at the table of inclusion. Some of his most prominent guests gathered to reflect on their experience interacting with McShan and why Let’s Have This Conversation is a platform where all voices can be heard. 


Businesses experience a 72% Higher retention rate among persons with disability when they incorporate them into the workforce says the Ontario Chamber of Commerce. Which lends more credence to the notion: inclusion is the gateway to independence. For motivational speaker and journalist Kevin McShan, fostering an inclusive and diversified workforce has been a longstanding and favorite passion of his. During the Paving The Pathway Towards Inclusive Victory Session, McShan will share his personal journey towards gainful employment, his experience working in the field of inclusive employment and tangible action steps employers and vocational professionals can take to foster an inclusive, collaborative and accepting workforce for all people of all abilities. 


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