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Is Your WHY Compelling?

We all have things that we have done and we all have some things left undone. Ask yourself the question:  Why have I started and completed certain goals, actions, or tasks in my life? Now ask the next question: Why have I not yet completed certain goals, actions, or tasks in my life?

I remember listening to some great audio material from Tony Robbins over 10 years ago.  He said, “when setting a goal, or completing a task, your WHY must be the most compelling.” That message continues to stick with me today, however I constantly have to remind myself of this. Sometimes daily!

During this past week I had the good fortune of being able to support and coach many people in several different businesses and industries. One session focused on sales performance coaching, but then crossed over to some personal goals that included an improvement on health.

The person I was working with acknowledged that the goals and activities towards work were completed and on track. However, the personal goals that were set, specific to health and fitness were not even close to being on track. My comment was, “your WHY must be more compelling.”

His response really hit me: “I have to write that down, because you consistently say that to me.” He went on to say, “I really need to make this WHY more compelling!”

“He who has a why to live can bear almost any how.” -Friedrich Nietzsche

Whether you want to:

  • Increase revenue for your business
  • Generate more income
  • Nurture a relationship
  • Complete your tax return early

…….your WHY must be the most compelling.

Sometimes the WHY is obvious. I have to fill my car with gas, because it is on empty.  That is a pretty compelling WHY. Sometimes your WHY may be less compelling.  I really should make those sales calls, but it has been a really long day and it might snow. If you truly want to complete, accomplish or create something, your WHY must be the most compelling.

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