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Are you Demonstrating Value with your Customers?

We are over halfway through 2015 and the economy looks a little different than it did 1 year ago. There is a feeling of uncertainty in the air. Regardless of how or why that it is happening, it is critically important for all businesses to demonstrate value to their customers. Demonstrating Value can be one of the most difficult steps in the Customer Sales and Service Process.
While it can be difficult, it shouldn’t be complicated or confusing to the customer. Businesses that successfully demonstrate value in the good times and challenging times win the day and retain customers.

So, how can you demonstrate value? While every business is different, there are several basic and consistent ways to demonstrate value:

X5 service tips
Listening and responding are crucial to effective customer service,
  • Make it all about what the customer wants and needs.
  • Provide testimonials and articulate how you have helped other customers.
  • Give to get. Can you provide samples of your product or offer complimentary time to prove how you can add value?
  • Sell less, listen more.
  • Slow down the sales process and seek to understand everything about the customer.
  • Be there for them after the sale.

Is your business demonstrating value? How can you improve in this area?
Hold a meeting or workshop with your team today and discover ways to demonstrate greater value to your customers. It will have a big impact on your business for the remainder of 2015 and beyond!

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Here’s to your business success!


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