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Walk to the Edge in the Pursuit of Sales

I had an opportunity to experience a visualization exercise with Jack Canfield over two years ago. We were asked to close our eyes and imagine that we were standing on top of the tallest building in the world. Our feet were on an open ledge and our toes hanging over the edge.

Some people felt sick, with chills, or had sweaty palms, simply because they thought about walking to the edge. How would you feel about that? Would it excite you? Make you nervous? Freak you out? Would you even try it?

Sometimes in business and we become afraid to take the leap or to even walk to the edge of anything. (Maybe it’s walk to the edgegetting a new job, meeting a new sales goal, registering for a training course, approaching a new prospect, or f
ully realizing our potential)

What are we afraid of exactly?

If we have the confidence or the courage to take that leap of faith what will we discover? What will the view look like when we walk to the edge?

Throughout my own life and experiences I have realized and discovered that when I walked to the edge, even though it was scary at times the view was better and I eventually gained more confidence when I took that leap of faith.

I am not suggesting that you jump every time that you walk to the edge. (Take a leap when you feel that you have reduced your risk and determined the probability of injury, fear or disappointment……keeping in mind that there are no guarantees in life).

Are you willing to walk to the edge and challenge yourself? You may discover something new.
Eliminate past fears.
Become more confident and adventurous.
See things from a whole new perspective.

Walk to the edge, feel the fear and experience a new level of success.

photo credit: flavijus via photopin cc

Topics: goals, Sales, Strategy, elevate your business, selling

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