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Mike Mack publishes best seller “REMARKABLE Service”

“In good and bad economic times, Customer Service is the one thing that any business can control and improve upon 24/7, 365 days a year”. – Mike Mack 


Can Remarkable Service help keep your doors open? 


This book is packed with unforgettable Customer Service stories. Some are truly Remarkable in a great way and some are so bad, that we will remark about the story and the businesses involved for years to come.  


It’s Mike’s belief that “Remarkable Customer Service” can lead to enhanced revenue and overall profitability if you focus on five key areas within your business.  


Get your complimentary copy here.

At X5, we offer virtual and in-person tailored training programs for any business, ranging from Customer Service, Sales Growth, Team Building, Leadership Development, Strategic Planning, and more.

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