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Focus, Will & Capability

While coaching clients and executives, I often utilize this simple model to help people to the next level of performance. If you want to improve on a particular aspect of your life, you must have a balance of Focus, Will and Capability.

Let’s look at golf for a moment. To hit the perfect shot, consistently, you must hit the ball precisely in the Club head’s “Sweet Spot.” Simple to do for some, but very hard to do for many.
 Think about what has occurred when a golfer consistently hits the sweet spot, shot after shot. 
They must bring FOCUS to the shot. Block out all other distractions and FOCUS on the task at hand… FOCUS!!

WILL must also be present. Great and consistent golfers are willing to put in the time to get better and improve. Practice Practice…………………..or, as my mentor and golf buddy Arnold has suggested, “it is Perfect Practice!”
Great and consistent golfers don’t just hit a few shots to warm up. They hit many shots, with the intention of consistently hitting the perfect shot to prepare for the game!…Be WILLING!!

small__2932650574CAPABILITY is the backbone of any successful person. While you can be focused and willing to put in the time, you may never be that great at a particular task or activity. You may not be able to join the PGA! 
Improve your CAPABILITY!

The point of this week’s X5 Blog is simply this…
If you want to reach a goal or achieve a desired outcome you must FOCUS on it. Can you reduce your golf score by 10 strokes this season? Can you increase your sales revenue by 15% this year? Can you lose 10lbs this year? Whatever the goal………FOCUS on the goal….FOCUS on the outcome! Are you WILLING to put in the time it takes to achieve these goals?? You must be WILLING!! Do you have basic CAPABILITY or basic skill sets that allow you to do certain things? Work on improving these CAPABILITIES!!

While this may sound easy to apply, that is not necessarily the case.
 May I suggest getting a copy of The Power of Focus? A great book to help you hit your goals, whatever they may be.

photo credit: Tord Sollie via photopin cc

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