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Top 5 Facilitation Topics For Organizational Growth and Team Development

Collaboration, teamwork, idea sharing and prioritizing organizational initiatives all seem like they would be foundations to business growth and success. All organizations have specific challenges and opportunities that need discussion and attention in order to move forward in a positive direction.  However, very few mid-sized busy businesses and growing corporations take the time to plan, strategize and communicate as a team, and confront the issues that stifle productivity and organizational growth.

Facilitation topics imageRecently, our team conducted a survey amongst some of our business connections in the Edmonton community.  The intent of the survey was to identify what topics on team training and development would be most beneficial to stimulate employee and management collaboration and team success.  The feedback wasn’t surprising.  Below is a list of the top employee training and development workshops based on our survey along with a description of what puts them at the top of the list.

The Art of Effective Communication: effective communication amongst organizations and their teams can be the number one success contributor.  Having a strategy in place that keeps employees informed, engaged and productive is key.

What Customers Really Want: Do your team members relay a consistent message to your customers? Getting feedback from your customers on your products and services and applying/implementing their suggestions will retain them.

Motivating Employees to be their best: How do you know if your employees are satisfied in their current position? Understanding what motivates and inspires your team will help you retain the great people that make up your business.

Resolving Conflict at Work: Workplace conflict can be a significant distraction and productivity killer. It can also break up teams and result in employees leaving their jobs because of unhealthy relationships. Identify the cause of these issues and why the conflict exists.

Performance Management: How do you recognize performance amongst your team?  Managing and communicating expectations from the top down will help team-members understand what they are doing well and where they may be able to improve.

photo credit: PowerMax Energy via photopin cc

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