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Our Foundation utilized the services of XS Management for a Strategic Planning session with our board, which was led by X5 Management.

  • X5 Management encouraged the key people to interact with operations about their perception of the organizations future and brings those views to the table
  • Allowed for open and free discussions regardless of each person’s position within the organization but did not let one person dominate the session.
  • Captured conversations, points, comments and ensured that everyone understood his/her individual role in it
  •  Clearly stated next steps during the session strategic and made sure everyone understands who is responsible for what (or at least tried)
  • Focused on opportunities, strengths, weaknesses, and challenges the future
  •  Redefined the foundations mission in order to enable the key people to share the same view of the philosophy, goals, and future direction
  • Organizes the foundations objectives into key areas in order to process and prioritize them easily and allocate resources
  • He paid attention to the human resources required for the plan to succeed

It was a pleasure working with X5 Management. They were calm, professional and able to refocus the group. We would recommend XS Management for any organization looking to create a Strategic Plan.

Janine Fraser
Executive Director
Kids Kottage