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Sales and Small Business Week In Canada

Its Small business week in Canada! Did you know that small and medium sized enterprises represent over 99% of all employer businesses and employ more than 60% of private sector workers? Organized by the business development bank of Canada, Small Business Week is a national celebration of entrepreneurs and their contribution to Canada’s economy. Each year Canadian Small business week has a theme that reflects on the challenges that small business owners are facing at that time.

Many events are held across the country to bring together business owners as well as prospective entrepreneurs to discuss the challenges and opportunities involving current entrepreneurial trends. These challenges and areas for growth often regard how to boost sales, retain employees or how to improve in the area of customer service.  Workshops, luncheons, and tradeshows all promote the development of small businesses and provide these entrepreneurs with a venue to collaborate, share ideas and socialize with other like-minded individuals. These events build awareness and relationships regarding the diverse range of products and services that small businesses represent. Awareness and relationships drive sales, which in turn drive these businesses.

Perhaps the most important element that small business week promotes is providing a platform for entrepreneurs to leverage other strategic partners. Whether you’re in accounting, insurance, law, dentistry, or consulting, each individual or business has a list of clients/customers who may benefit from the products or services that others provide. The ideal client list and target market of two strategic partners may be so similar, that teaming up and marketing their services as a package may prove to be beneficial.
To celebrate small business week, I encourage you to think about how can you work together with the other small businesses in your Small Businesscommunity. Take advantage of your current business connections and relationships. Connect, offer advice and offer referrals. Be willing to help another individual, business, or strategic partner before expecting anything in return. Through working together and leveraging existing relationships, small businesses can continue to expand their networks, increase sales and discover unknown opportunities.
photo credit: dok1 via photopin cc

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