Kris is a focused and goal-oriented business professional with extensive executive experience in retail, financial services and not-for-profit. She has a passion for inspiring and coaching others and believes a positive work culture is key for business growth and sustainability. She is adept in training, leadership and promoting teamwork. 


Kris started Action Consulting in 2018 to promote successful business mentoring, personal and professional coaching and to help companies with organizational management. She has known Mike Mack of X5 Management for over 12 years and their professional paths have crossed many times, including their MBA program and the extensive involvement in Toastmasters. They are collaborating on supporting business clients through Coaching, Training and Consulting services. Kris is an avid volunteer and loves to donate time and effort to a variety of organizations. The past 2 years Kris has been a business mentor with ERIEC (Edmonton Region Immigrant Employment Council), working with professional newcomers for job placement and career advancement. This role also has also offered some personal benefits, such as improving knowledge about multicultural leadership and competencies. 


A proponent of personal development, Kris has her Distinguished Toastmaster designation from Toastmasters International and her Life Coaching Certification from New Skills Academy. She also attended Harvard Business School (A Culture of Health in Business) and Norquest College (Inclusion at Work, Business Economics). She holds an MBA from Athabasca University and is a Certified Trainer for Everything DiSC®. Kris published her first book, According to Wolfgang, My Business, a business reference book based on her entrepreneurial father’s successful equestrian business. Kris and her husband, Brian, have lived in 4 major Canadian cities and now call Edmonton home. Kris likes to stay active and enjoys horseback riding, gym workouts and a good run. 


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Since 2006, the team at X5 Management has been supporting Alberta-based customers in a variety of industries with tailored Training, Coaching and Consulting Services to improve Sales Performance, Customer Service, Teamwork, Leadership Development and Communication. X5 aligns teams to achieve. Our programs avoid bringing cookie cutter solutions to unique and industry specific challenges. We tailor our Coaching and Training Solutions to meet the needs of your organization and team. X5 has contributed to a long list of successful businesses.

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