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Focusing on Marketing

Guest blog by Dennis Bridges, MBA.

Yesterday I read a book summary from SUCCESS magazine called “Get Clients Now!” It’s a book that defines a simple, focused structure for mapping out a marketing plan.  The author, C.J. Hayden, draws on tried and true methods and identifies smart, tech-savvy tactics in her 28-day marketing program.  She also, outlines a universal marketing cycle with four separate stages:

1. Filling the pipelineFocusing on Marketing
2. Following Up
3. Having Sales Conversations
4. Closing sales

What I like about this very general marketing cycle is it’s simplicity, relevance and sales focus. It’s particularly geared toward professional service businesses, but can help someone in any business understand where they lack focus in generating sales.

At the moment it’s the first stage of the marketing cycle that interests me. For the next 28-days, when I’m not working for existing clients, I will be focusing on what I’m doing to fill the pipeline. There are a number of direct and indirect ways to fill the pipeline.

Direct may include: Contact and follow-up (calling, personal emails/letters, Lunch/coffee, Inmail/text/social media posts), networking, asking for referrals, hosting events.

Indirect may include: Writing and publicity, speaking engagements, advertising

My focus for the remainder of the summer will be on direct contact and follow up, and networking and referral building. In order to take advantage of the social atmosphere, opportunity and energy brought on by the warm weather.

What stage of the cycle do you need to focus on? Have you chosen a strategy for accomplishing your focus? Most importantly have you committed to the daily activities that strategy requires?


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