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Choose Your Attitude

When you woke up today what were your initial thoughts like? Were you sad because it’s only Thursday and it’s been a long, draining week (especially with our tiring winter commutes), or were you excited to Choose Your Attitude that tomorrow’s Friday and a fun weekend awaits you after a rewarding work week?!

Your perception on reality is a simple, yet accurate gauge on how you see a situation and your surroundings. Change your attitude, change your outlook and you can change your life!
I was recently having a conversation with a friend about a particular hurdle in her life. It was an interesting experience as it really brought to light the importance of positivity and attitude. The words she was speaking about this obstacle were very self-defeating. It was as though she had already lost the battle without ever participating in the fight. I challenged her to change her attitude and outlook on the situation as she does not know what the outcome will be. A positive attitude has such a huge impact on our lives, both personally and professionally. It gives us courage when we need bravery, it gives us comfort when we meet challenge, and it gives us hope and determination when we encounter fear.

Being positive is a choice that requires active thought and decision-making. Every morning you have choices on how you see, experience and deal with life. Challenges come in all shapes and sizes – at work with co-workers or customers, tight deadlines, traffic jams, frustrations with raising a family, financial woes, health concerns, growing your business, finding time to go to the gym, spending time with loved ones… the list can go on and on. It’s easy to complain, allow tempers to boil and let your emotions take over. It’s much more difficult to take a step back from the situations you face and see the big picture.

When we break it down, attitude is where challenge meets mindset. Our lives will always have detours, obstacles, and dead ends for us to encounter. How we deal with these challenges will really showcase our ability to move past them and grow and evolve as people.

5 Fast Thoughts About Attitude:

1. Make a conscious choice to reframe your outlook. Attitude is a choice and a positive one feels good (and has many health benefits too!).

2. Positive thoughts and actions lead to positive results.

3. Attitude is contagious. (Whether positive or negative). Be the person that is known for his/her positivity.

4. Focus on the solutions. A lot of times you can’t control the situation, but you can control how you react to it.

5. Find the growth opportunities in the challenges you face.

I challenge you to consciously choose positivity over negativity this week …and see what opportunities and warm fuzzies follow!

photo credit: Stuck in Customs via photopin cc

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