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X5 Management partners with Self Management Group to offer the 360°POP™

X5 Management partners with Self management Group to offer the 360°POP™ assessment tool to provide leaders, managers, and employees with structured, constructive feedback regarding specific competencies, strengths, and styles. The 360°POP™ can also be used for team building, development plans, succession performance and career management.

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Since 2006, the team at X5 Management has been supporting Alberta-based customers in a variety of industries with tailored Training, Coaching and Consulting Services to improve Sales Performance, Customer Service, Teamwork, Leadership Development and Communication. X5 aligns teams to achieve. Our programs avoid bringing cookie cutter solutions to unique and industry specific challenges. We tailor our Coaching and Training Solutions to meet the needs of your organization and team. X5 has contributed to a long list of successful businesses.

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