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X5 CROPS Report: April 2014. How efficient is your sales pipeline?

When it comes to your sales management pipeline – efficiency is critical to your success. In this month’s X5 CROPS Report, we explore how operational efficiencies play a key role in your sales success.

Customer Satisfaction

Customer Satisfaction

When it boils down to the nitty gritty, your customer satisfaction has a lot to do with how enjoyable their experience was with your company. How do you monitor your customer’s experience? How do you track your customers? Are they new or repeat? How did you obtain them – through marketing efforts, referrals, social media etc. Tracking your customer information is a key way to ensure you are spending your time and effort in the right places, as well as ensures you are able to serve your customers’ needs accordingly.

Risk Management

Risk ManagementMitigating risk can be risky as you’re never really sure where challenges may appear or occur. When it comes to your sales managment program, investing resources (money, people, time etc.) into creating processes and procedures that will allow you to effectively manage, track and operate your business moving forward is an effective way to build your business. Consistently reviewing your sales success and adjusting your sails in case the winds change will allow you to minimize your business risk and keep on top of unexpected obstacles and storms.

Operational Efficiencies

 Operational Efficiencies


This month’s feature article is listed below!



People are a key ingredient in ensuring your operational efficiencies are working to the best ability. Having your employees fully engaged in tracking customers, prospects, leads etc., as well as inputting critical data in CRM systems is important. Always ask your employees for feedback on what processes can be improved to help grow your sales revenue. The people who work day-to-day with your systems will know them best and can offer valuable feedback.



Sales growth is the best outcome after you have developed processes and procedures that allow you to have effective operational efficiencies. But, in order to ensure your business’s bottom line improves, you must constantly strive to refine your internal operations. Sitting back will not keep you at your best. You must be proactive at all times when it comes to sales imrpovement.

Feature Article: How efficient is your sales pipeline?  Written by: Mike Mack

sales pipeline

X5 helps many customers with the overall improvement of their Sales Management. There are many facets of sales and the corresponding processes and procedures you have in place (or lack there of). How can your operational processes be improved to enhance sales in your business? Below, I explore particular focus areas that are key factors in your business’s success.

Does this sound like your business?:

  1. You have many customers, but the list isn’t refined into categories and priorities?
  1. You don’t really have or use any structured form of a CRM system. (Customer Relationship Management System)
  1. Your team doesn’t consistently record updates in some “shared system” to ensure everyone is on the same page and current with sales management activities.
  1. You don’t have a system in place to ensure on time delivery of your products and services.
  1. You aren’t beginning with the end in mind. (Determine where your business is at today and where you want it to be by the end of the quarter, year, etc.) 

All of these elements are critical operational efficiencies that have a huge impact on your sales management success – which ultimately leads to more revenue, happier customers and greater momentum in sales growth.

If you already have a few processes in place – focus on the areas you have not developed. If you are starting from scratch – focus on your end goal and work backwards. Tracking systems and CRM’s will make a huge difference in ensuring your sales pipeline is being effectively managed. And, through this tracking you can see deficient areas and places you will need to focus on in order to improve your organizational growth.

Investing in building strong operational efficiencies and processes on the forefront will lead to more consistent internal operations, better workflow, more effective communication sharing, and overall a more competent and engaged workforce.

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