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It’s Time to Celebrate

Last week I attended an Edmonton Chamber of Commerce event welcoming new president and CEO James Cunning to the Edmonton Chamber. It was a very well attended event (which James credited to the complimentary beer and wine) that brought together a diverse group of business professionals to celebrate the accomplishments of our business community and city.

Along with local political powerhouses Mayor Mandel and leader of the Wildrose party Danielle Smith, in attendance
It's Time to Celebratewere a disabled artist, a special event rental director, a great couple involved with Edmonton home design, an Edmonton Construction Association representative, an Executive Assistant with the Telus World of science among many more. Many distinct guests were brought together to applaud the achievements of Edmonton’s business community and welcome the man that will continue to propel the best interests of this community forward.

It was also interesting to note the conversations taking place at the Edmonton Chamber event. This was not a place for sales pitches and individual achievement.  It was an information exchange where individuals demonstrated interest in how others made an impact and added value to this community.  The individuals I met at the event were genuine, friendly and looking to add value and create sincere connections with those in attendance.

Did you know that the Edmonton Chamber of Commerce has over 3000 business and corporate members and is one of the largest in the world? Take a moment to think about that. Why is it that Edmonton in particular has such a strong and integrated business community? Despite our long winters and relatively chilly climate, we have something here that many towns, cities and nations will always aspire towards.  Edmonton represents a unified business community that is ready to go to battle for its members and local businesses that make is so successful.

The Edmonton Chamber of Commerce’s mission is to create the best possible environment for business. For me, last week’s Chamber event seemed to be an opportunity to celebrate the environment that this city and business community has created. Has your business accomplished something great recently? If so, how have you shared this success with your team? Taking the time to celebrate achievements is such a big part of developing strong organizations and cultures. The event last week was an opportunity for those in attendance to step away from their desks, daily emails and task lists and take time to commend all that the Edmonton business community has and will continue to achieve. Edmonton – here’s to your continued business success for many years to come.

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