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Improving Sales Performance Through ‘LRT’ in Edmonton

Exciting news! The city of Edmonton is currently planning additional legs and expansion of the LRT transportation system. Edmonton opened the first light rail transit (LRT) segment in North Americedmonton lrta in April of 1978.  When the first leg of the LRT system was originally constructed, the population of Edmonton was under 500,000.  Since that time, Edmonton has quickly become one of the largest and fastest growing cities in Canada.

At X5, we also believe in the importance and the development of ‘LRT’ for this city and for building long-term business relationships. LRT is something our team consistently strives towards achieving as we connect with and develop rapport with clients, prospects, centers of influence, friends and fellow Edmontonians.   At X5, LRT stands for Like, Respect and Trust.  In building business relationships, people enjoy connecting and doing business with others whom they ultimately like being around or being with. Additionally, the relationship can only be successful if there is a high level of respect and trust built into it as well.

According to the Edmonton Chamber of Commerce February 2014 update, the “current LRT lines operate primarily as a mass people mover, tying together the city’s established major destinations, such as professional sports facilities, downtown hubs, government centers, post secondary institutions, hospitals, performing arts centers and high density residential areas.” The growth and development of the LRT system in Edmonton provides a necessary transportation form for people to commute, to connect and to continually build relationships across our city.

As the city of Edmonton prepares to plan the next phase of expansion for the LRT system, the team at X5 wants to ensure that your sales program and team members are planning and designing your sales platform using an LRT growth philosophy. What things do your sales team continually commit to doing to ensure they are building strong rapport with those they are connecting with? Are they consistently delivering or communicating value, while delivering a constant and effective message regarding your business, as well as its products and services? Are they taking the time to ask the right questions and listen to the answer for 70% of a sales conversation? Building a sales system built upon a strong foundation of LRT (Like-Respect-Trust) will ultimately increase your revenue and open up channels and pathways to relationships and sales that you may have once overlooked or thought impossible. 

Building continual relationships and rapport with prospective customers can often times be the most challenging piece to the sales puzzle. Your team must commit to doing their homework prior to a customer meeting and create unique ways to increase ties between your business and its prospects.

Contact our team today to initiate a complimentary sales discovery consultation to see how we can help you design a sales system built on LRT.

photo credit: Éole via photopin cc

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