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Customer Service Training

The customer service training offered by X5 will help ensure you keep your customers satisfied and attract others by maintaining a positive reputation. How effective is your team at ensuring your customers are always happy?

Did you know even if a complaint is resolved, only 54% of customers will repurchase? Meanwhile, complaints resolved quickly result in an 82% repurchase rate?

Knowing how to keep your customers happy and avoid complaints (even the unspoken ones) is crucial to any business’ success. X5 has helped many businesses improve their customer service performance. Learn more about our Customer Service Workshops.

Did you know your business may qualify for the Canada-Alberta Job Grant where up to 2/3 of approved training costs will be funded up to $10,000 per trainee?

Video Transcript of Improving Customer Service, by Matt Graff:

“One element of business process that we specialize in at X5 is customer service.

Our goal is to ensure you and your organization become customer service superstars.
How would you rate your current level of customer service?

The X5 interactive approach focuses on improving your awareness and ability to deliver the
quality service to your customers. This is done through group training and workshops as well as ongoing individual training and coaching support to ensure skill development is consistent and implemented in the workplace.

Discover through a self assessment where you rank in terms of customer service
and how to become a superstar. Gain valuable information about the five critical areas
of customer service excellence.

Learn effective techniques to improve your positivity towards customers how to reassure customer feedback, respond to customer issues, develop repeat relationships and discover ways to exceed customer expectations.

To learn more about how you can become a customer service superstar contact the team at
X5 management today.

Here’s to your business success.”