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Ask Yourself…Why? In Sales and Service Goal Setting

We all have things to do or things left undone. Why? Can you think of items on your to do list that are outstanding? Why are the items still on the list? 
Are you too busy?
 Are you procrastinating? 
Did you over commit? What about a goal or dream that you have that is not yet complete or realized?

Perhaps you want to shed a few pounds. Register for a course to upgrade some technical skills.
Hit a new high in sales. Land a deal with a dream client you have been pursuing. Plan for a dream vacation.
 The list goes on….

I heard a quote years ago that went something like this. “People tend to put off the things that they don’t want to do in the first place.” (Author unknown)
Now this may make sense for tasks or items that are really not enjoyable to do, but how can we explain things or goals that we actually wanted to do?

small__5614813544Once you have determined “what” you want to do, you must write down “why” you want to do it. I have learned over the years that the “why” must be the most compelling. It has to motivate or inspire you. (Only you and no one else!)

The next key step is to take action. Even a baby step towards your goal or task is better than reflecting and pondering on “should I do this?” or….I am too tired today, I will think about it tomorrow. Writing out a detailed action plan that is measureable and time sensitive will help you achieve your goal.

If you have items or goals that are not yet completed, ask yourself, WHY? To your success in your pursuit of continuous sales and customer service improvement!

photo credit: Ksayer1 via photopin cc

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