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5 Techniques to Elevate Your Business in 2014

Happy New Year from sunny Mexico!  Wow, I can’t believe that 2013 is already behind us.  I am convinced that 2013 has been my best year yet both personally and professionally.  With that said, I am also excited that 2014 has arrived and expect that this year will be even better than the last. 

The Christmas break and my current vacation have allowed me to reflect on the previous year, including what worked well for our team and what areas we need to improve upon in the year ahead.  It has also given me the chance to think about the different types of businesses that our team supports and some of the opportunities that lie ahead for them in 2014.  Our team and our customers are looking to make this the best year yet in business.  Are Happy New Year from sunny Mexico!you prepared to grow and produce more results with greater efficiency in this New Year?

Below are X5’s top 5 techniques to promote business growth in 2014:

1) Re-define the value of your customers: your most valued customer isn’t the one who pays you the most but the one who is your biggest supporter and advocate.  Nurture these relationships first and ask them for referrals.

2) Personalize your marketing and sales efforts: Are the people who purchase your products, subscribe to your services or follow your company online being given special or personal treatment? Those companies that personalize their marketing efforts will experience much higher conversion rates in 2014 than those who neglect to do so. (Check out companies like Amazon and Netflix to see how they have mastered this science)

3) Capitalize on great content:  Are you addressing the most important questions for your ideal customer online?  Create content that draws consumers in and then optimize it.  Use the right words in the appropriate places and platforms. (Check out companies like to get a few ideas.)

4) Continually communicate from the top down: Let your team know what the future holds and how they fit in. Be open and honest.  Your team will appreciate the notification and feel a part of the big picture.  Allow for their input and contribution.

5) Invest in your greatest resource: Tired of high turnover and expensive training efforts?  You need your team.  Value them and treat them like someone you will be working with for a very long time.

I believe that there is opportunity in Alberta’s marketplace for sales to be higher than ever, for teams to be more productive than years past and for online marketing to be more direct, attractive and results oriented.  Applying the above concepts takes consistent effort along with careful focus and planning; but done right can help your business become first class.  All the best you, to your business and to your team as you charge into 2014 with great confidence and continued success.

photo credit: @superamit via photopin cc

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