Aloha from Kauai, Hawaii!!  What an amazing place to welcome 2013!

Last week, my family and I visited the Benzai Pipeline on Oahu’s north shore, home to ultimate surf competitions and the most dangerous waves in the world. I asked locals about the Pipeline and how some of the greatest master this location. I repeatedly heard the same response.  Surfing greats stay current with state of the art gear. Most importantly, they understand the importance of identifying the constantly changing surf conditions and adjust their technique accordingly. They recognize that adjusting to current trends critically impacts their level of success.

Like the Pipeline surf masters, you can experience the thrill of the ride and master your business by recognizing current trends to take your organization to the next level.  Below find X5’s top business trends for 2013. Commit to their implementation and know that you are destined to a strong year ahead!

Ensure you are truly “Mobile”: Consumers source information every waking moment.  App sessions typically last only a minute. On average, smart phone owners check their phones once every 45 minutes. With this in mind, consider using:

a. Online video and photo sharing through apps such as Instagram and Snapchat.
b. Personal marketing techniques such as online business cards and visual portfolios.
How you engage with mobile users will be critical to success.

Commit to Transparency with LRT: More than ever, businesses, like the individuals who represent them, must have nothing to hide.  Consistently prove you are likeable, operate with respect and show that you can be trusted.

Share in Sustainability: The organizations that separate themselves are reassuring consumers of their commitment to a socially responsible future. Share your eco-status and eco-stories and let consumers join you. Evidence and results speak volumes.

Value your Locale: Local and domestic production, manufacturing and consumption are “hot”. Consumers believe in the importance of supporting their own region and community and want to buy locally.

Combat Super-Stress with Health, Happiness & Fun: As stress has become a serious medical concern, successful organizations offer time for adult creativity, individual growth and some good old-fashioned fun.

This morning I experienced the “thrill of the ride” as I adjusted my technique and rode some surf in this Hawaiian paradise.  As you ride the wave into 2013, stay on top by adjusting to current business trends that shape your economy and industry.  By doing so, you can enjoy the ride when the next big wave hits.

Mahalo and Happy New Year!

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