I recently decided to join a toastmasters club in Edmonton.  Although I was hesitant at first I am now very pleased with this decision and understand the positive impacts it will have on my life and career.  No matter what your speaking experience is, Toastmasters International provides an opportunity in a relaxed and comfortable setting to work on your speaking, communication and leadership skills.  Toastmaster’s values are of integrity, respect, service and excellence. These values should be a part of any reputable sales program.  In order to compete and build relationships with prospects, clients and business community members one must act with integrity, demonstrate great respect all while committing to service excellence.

Toastmasters photoAre your sales down or lacking focus and structure? Looking for some creative ways to elevate your sales pitch and presentations. The following toastmaster tips may encourage you to master your message.

Purpose and Agenda: Whether you are meeting with a prospect, client or leading a sales presentation, be sure to establish the purpose and agenda at the beginning of the conversation.  Explain each key concept and how it relates to the overall purpose of the meeting.

Start and end on time: being respectful of people’s time is a must in today’s busy and hectic sales environment.  This is a simple and effective way to earn trust.

Get to the Point: “Every speech must have a general and specific purpose” (Taken from the Toastmaster International handbook) The general purpose from a sales perspective is to inform, persuade or inspire. The specific purpose is what you want your audience to do after the conclusion of your meeting. Make this clear throughout your speech.

How do you prepare? I’ve always admired those individuals who can take the stage with seemingly little effort and preparation.  However at one point, these people most likely took the time to perfect their pitch.  Practice does not make perfect.  Perfect practice however does.

Listen to the General Evaluator: The evaluator in a toastmasters meeting provides constructive and critical feedback on an individual speech. In a prospect or client meetings, ask the person or people who are sitting across from you to be your general evaluator.  This form of feedback will make you that much stronger the next time you step in front of an audience.


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