By definition, “state of mind” is a temporary psychological state.

We have many triggers that may cause the temporary state. (Fear, stress, excitement, a big deal closes, loss of a key employee, health challenges, just to name a few)

“Fears are nothing more than a state of mind” – (Napoleon Hill, author 1883-1970)

As a business leader it is very important to be aware of your state of mind in the good times and in the more challenging times. We also need to be cautious of decisions that we may make in those times.

It is often easy to get too complacent or overly confident about our business in times of plenty and we need to be mindful of this temptation.


When business is rolling along, we may splurge or make business decisions that we would not normally make.

In times of challenge, we too can make unique decisions that we may not wish to make, but we feel they are necessary.

Example: You lose a key employee. Your state of mind can be in a frenzy. You are disappointed, stressed and frustrated that they are leaving. You think, how will I be able to replace them? If the economy is strong, you may panic and hire the first person that has a pulse, because you really “need” someone.

In our business, we come across many leaders who have a varied state of mind, but their core beliefs can have a big impact on how they react when their state changes, temporarily.

Some are cautiously optimistic.
Some are excited about the future of the business.
Some love what they do.
Some question the road ahead.
Some struggle with the thought of succession planning.
Some openly communicate their direction and focus.

Throughout your day be mindful of your state of mind and how it may impact your business, the people around you and how you make decisions when something triggers a shift in your state of mind.

“All our final decisions are made in a state of mind that is not going to last.” -(Marcel Proust, author 1871-1922)

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