The sales training workshops offered by X5 will help improve communication, enhance productivity, increase revenues and more.


Our workshop topics include:

  • Effective Communication in Sales and Service
  • Enhance Productivity and Time Management
  • Remarkable Service: Be the Business Everyone’s Talking About
  • Productive Habits to Boost Success
  • Creative Problem Solving

Download our Top 10 Workshops list to learn more about these courses and their objectives.

Our workshops are divided into sessions of approximately four hours, and occur at your office or off-site, depending on your preference.

Individual e-learning material supplements our on-site training and provides an in-depth personal approach and analysis of workshop discussion topics that participants can work through at their own pace.

Knowing how to keep your customers happy and avoid complaints (even the unspoken ones) is also crucial to any business’ success. X5 has helped many businesses improve their customer service performance. Learn more about our Customer Service Workshops.

Did you know your business may qualify for the Canada-Alberta Job Grant where up to 2/3 of approved training costs will be funded up to $10,000 per trainee?