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 Recent Posts By larry.villneff Recruiting: The changing face and pace of identifying qualified candidates 13 Jun 2012 Categories Process Strategy Relationships Marketing Blog Authors Mike Mack, MBA Dennis Bridges, MBA Arnold McLaughlin Geoff Kliza Idris Fashan Greg Campbell Mike Melenberg Leslie Shreve Lorne M. Wight Larry Villneff Jeff Polovick – DRIVING FORCE Trish Kushniruk - Incite Marketing Jared Smith - Incite Marketing Sawan Kapoor - TruNorth PLC (New Delhi Area, India) Nicolle Germain, MBA Matt Graff, MBA Tags Business dennis bridges marketing matt graff mike mack nicolle germain People relationships risk management Sales strategy x5 management More Recruiting: The changing face and pace of identifying qualified candidatesAs an executive search consultant (with a retainer based firm) today’s challenges for identifying qualified individuals for new opportunities is definitely more competitive but it is also more dynamic. The demand in Alberta is particularly high and clients are asking for tighter deadlines and better qualified candidates. The basic principles of being an effective and trusted search consultant are still intact;

  1. Invest time defining the exact skills and traits of the individual that you are trying to find.
  2. Prepare a plan of how to find the prospective candidates.
  3. Treat all sources and prospective candidates with respect, honesty and openness.

“The ideal situation is where a prospect and a recruiter create a synergistic opportunity………..someone is looking for a new career and there is a company with the ideal career opening.”

As a recruiter our task is to identify the prospect, present the opportunity and then evaluate the prospective candidate on behalf of our client.

In today’s environment (last three years)  more people are taking the initiative to present their qualifications, their experience and their  desire to consider a move in a more proactive and public way on public websites such as LinkedIn.

As such, recruiters must be active on these sites in order to keep pace with the large number of individuals who are looking for a new challenge. People are being far more proactive and engaged in managing their own careers.

Employers are well aware of the changing face of recruiting and are asking search firms to be more diligent in identifying these prospective candidates and asking for increasing levels of evaluation in shorter time frames in order to take advantage of these talented individuals in a very competitive labour market.

To remain successful recruiters have to be current with their use of new technology trends and  upgrade their approach to locating and assessing prospects while ensuring that the basic principles of sound search consulting are still intact; define what you are looking for, prepare a detailed plan and always treat people with respect, openness and honesty.

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