If you want your business to improve, change, or go to the next level what will it take to get there?

Many factors will contribute to achieving the desired outcomes.

Good people.

A solid economy.

Valued product.

A steady flow of Customers.

Good management decisions.

One key piece of the puzzle that is often missed is “process”.

In our Business Consulting practice this word comes up many times every week with clients, or business associates.

Regardless of what business you are in, there must be a “process” and systems in place to ensure that things get done.  More importantly, it is to ensure that things get done in a consistent, profitable and efficient manner.

“Process” is defined as follows: A series of actions, changes, or functions bringing about a result, or a series of operations performed in the making a product or delivering a service.

The book, “Built to Sell” by John Warrillow is all about making your business more effective and efficient in all aspects. One Chapter is dedicated specifically to this topic. (“Putting the process into action”)

Ultimately you need to create the process.  You then test and measure the process to ensure that it works as you intended. Constant tweaking and fine-tuning may be necessary to improve efficiency and your desired outcomes.

It sounds simple, but the reality is that many businesses do not have formal processes in place.  This can have a negative impact when a longstanding employee leaves a position and someone new arrives and has nothing to follow.

This could pertain to any functional role in any company.  (eg. Customer Service, Recruiting, Performance Management, Business Development, Accounting, Shipping/Receiving, Sales Management, Production, Manufacturing, or Design…..the list is endless)

The investment of time and team expertise is worth it in the long run to create and perfect your business process.

What is your next step to improve your process?

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