With summer well underway I am sure that the avid golfers have played many rounds already. They have thought about their first round for months.  Perhaps that took a lesson with a golf pro and tweaked their game.  It is likely that they hit the driving range many times and chipped onto practice greens again and again….and again.

They say that, ‘practice makes perfect’.  My good friend, Arnold McLaughlin, who is a Commercial Realtor (Vancouver) reminded me years ago that, “perfect practice makes perfect.”

Why the fuss?

If you are a serious golfer with a “decent handicap” you know why you put all that extra effort into “perfecting” your game.  The slight tweaks here and there can make all the difference.  You perhaps remembered what you did last fall.  What worked really well and what area of your game needed some attention?

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Practice DOES make perfect when it comes to business

If we apply the same principles to our business, we could knock a few strokes off and enhance our “business game” as well.

How would you do this?

Let’s start with assessing our business.

What’s working really well?  What areas of our business need to be tweaked?  How did that “business slice” occur?  Was it because of lack of focus, or distraction?  Was it due to poor technique or process? What can we change to ensure that our team works towards “perfection”?  You would need to to instil “perfect practice” in your business on a day-to-day basis. Perhaps you have a strategic planning session to determine where you want to go with your business game.  You may bring on a coach to support and perfect you systems and process.

Assessing the strengths of your business game and acknowledging areas of weakness are key elements to making the next “business round”  better than the last.

If business were like golf, would you put more focus on perfecting your business game?

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