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It’s time to focus on your leadership growth and development. Whether you are looking to enhance your leadership skills, or align your team to achieve stronger results, X5 Management will guide you there with PROVEN 1-1 coaching support.


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Make an Investment in You and Your Executive Team

Executive training and coaching benefits your company.

Where do you want your business to be in 3 years? Do you know how to get there?

At X5 we take your goals seriously and help map out coaching programs that focus on the psychological hurdles we face on top of the areas you know there is room for improvement. Unlike many coaches who focus purely on a quick fix, we focus on how you get to your ideal business future and the long-term impact that coaching will have on you and those around you.

Heighten Self-Awareness

Emotional intelligence plays a key role in successfully unlocking your personal growth. Our scientifically backed approach utilizes psychological principles to improve awareness & control of your emotions.

Improve Leadership Adaptability

Coaching should help you flex and adapt your leadership style and adjust in certain situations. As you gain greater self-control, you will notice increased self-management in your professional & personal life.

Gain Leadership Ability

What would enhanced leadership skills and support tools do for your leadership and your business? As your soft skills improve, leadership becomes a byproduct of your attitude, motivation and emotional investment in people.

Our Executive Coaching Clients Are Found at Leading Organizations

Meet our Coaches

Work with Mike Mack, Kris Schinke, or Lisa Hunka, all seasoned coaches who can work with any style of leader to leverage their unique strengths and ensure lasting benefits. Click to learn more about each of our coaches.

Our 100% Statisfied Executive Coaching Clients

YMCA – Landing Page 2020
"Mike Mack’s easy-going and approachable facilitation style worked quickly to get to the core opportunities for our leadership team. End result, a higher-performing, much more aligned team than had initially stepped into the training.”
YMCA of Northern Alberta
Lifting Solutions – LP 2020

“Mike takes a balanced approach leveraging tools that deliver insight and form a basis of discussion. The tools employed are easy to work through and, in my experience, pinpoint areas to focus on quickly and objectively. In addition to the tools, Mike is engaging, challenging and respectful when it comes to delivering perspective.”

Lifting Solutions
Orange Theory – 2020 LP

“I am proud to state my extreme gratitude to Mike Mack from X5 Management as I had the privilege to work with Mike on my continued professional development. As Business Coach, Mike supported me to break through barriers, tap into untapped self-awareness, and set a standard for my business and personal relationships and processes that I will continue for a lifetime. ”

OrangeTheory Fitness
Stahl Peterbuilt – lp 2020

“Mike Mack has been working with our dealership since 2012, and I would highly recommend his professional services if you are looking at improving your business edge to produce results that positively impact your bottom line.”

Stahl Peterbilt
"Since we started working with Mike and X5, there has been a measurable improvement to the cohesiveness of our team at BDG. One to one, there has been such a strong connection and trusted relationship established between Mike and I that I feel like I can run anything by him. He’s like an outside Board of Directors."

Denis Dale

President, Bob Dale Gloves & Imports
Bob Dale Gloves

Our Executive Coaching Programs

Our coaching support delivers globally proven programs that increase your situational awareness, people skills & executive potential. Explore a few of them below.

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Executive and Leadership Coaching

Discover the many benefits of Executive and Leadership Coaching for your business. Help align your team to achieve better results!

Sales Coaching

Discover how Sales Coaching can help your sales team enhance your sales pipeline and improve your business’ customer service.

Everything DiSC Work of Leaders®

This program lays out a clear path for helping leaders at all levels. With one unified model of leadership—vision, alignment, and execution—it focuses on helping leaders understand their own leadership styles and how their tendencies influence their effectiveness in specific leadership situations.

Everything DiSC® Sales Coaching

Coaching that helps sales professionals understand their own DiSC® sales style, learn how to read the styles of their customers, and provides useful insight for creating a specific action plan to make the sales process more effective and successful.

Everyone needs added support from time to time.

Start by requesting a complimentary Discovery Meeting to find out how we can best support you and your business.


No obligation for Executive coaching is required. Our goal is to find out how we can best support your business goals and objectives.
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Executive Coaching

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X5 aligns teams to achieve. Our programs avoid bringing cookie-cutter solutions to unique and industry-specific challenges. We tailor our Coaching and Training Solutions to meet the needs of your organization and team.

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