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SUCCESS Magazine is a great resource for business owners and professionals who want to learn strategies from those who are successful in their field. Besides their print version, which is available by subscription and on newsstands, they also have a great website with articles from the magazine, as well as online exclusive. We have compiled some of the best articles in the past few years that hold lessons that every entrepreneur ought to know.

Focus on What You Provide, Not Your Profit Margins.5 Great Lessons from SUCCESS Magazine for Entrepreneurs

Everyone Sells- Zig Ziglar, May 2009: The infamous Zig Ziglar, who passed away in 2012, wrote in this 2009 article that sales are “what you do for people, not to people.” Even if you or your business is not selling a tangible product, you are still selling a service you provide. If you think of sales as what you can give people to make their business or lives people, instead of the potential profit you’ll make, you will create better relationships.

Leverage Digital Tools in Networking.

Networking with New Media- Jill Becker, April 2011: Jill Becker not only reinforces the importance of still networking face-to-face in the digital age, but also how online resources can help facilitate relationships. For instance, an author who has a Google Alert on her latest book title can find opportunities to chat with bloggers or reviewers that have mentioned her book. Set up alerts for your business name or your industry + area serviced to look for networking and relationship-building opportunities that can be taken offline.

Find Out What Makes Your Most Productive and Capitalize on it.

12 Top Tools & Strategies for Productivity- Various Authors, August 2010: This great round-up post  lists tips from various SUCCESS Magazine writers on how to stay productive, including figuring out what time of day you are most productive and the importance of to-do lists. Be on the lookout for tools and workflow that helps you produce the most output and run with it.

Learn From Your Failures.

When Your Dream Doesn’t Work Out- Sally Deneen, July 2009: One of the biggest lessons entrepreneurs must face is dealing with defeat. When businesses or careers don’t work out, seeing it as an opportunity to create something even better can help you continue to be successful, even if your business wasn’t.

Let Your Employees Grow & Flourish.

How to Develop of Culture of Personal Growth- Emma Johnson, August 2011: Companies are finally learning the importance of focusing on employee self-growth and development. By fostering this in the workplace through book clubs, training, and more, employees are happier and the company will likely experience a lower turnover rate. Make your company stick out by striving to foster employees’ passions and interests.

Great News!!

Darren Hardy, Publisher of SUCCESS Magazine, will be speaking on March 5th in Edmonton.  His topic: “Productivity Strategies of Super Achievers. Click here to learn more.

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