• Stahl Peterbilt

    Customer Service is a vital component of our business regardless of the economy. Every member of our team is aware of the importance of going above and beyond to retain our valued customers. Mike Mack's book, Remarkable Service is a great reminder of what we must do during every customer interaction. When a customer has a challenge or problem, it must become our problem and we must make every attempt to solve the problem for our customer.

    Eddy Stahl

  • Arrow Engineering
    The simplicity of Mike's message in his book Remarkable Service makes it a valuable read. It is my belief that every business in any industry can benefit from the insights that this book offers, and we must be reminded that the little things that are done consistently can make a big difference. At Arrow Engineering Inc. we strive to deliver remarkable service at every touch point of our customer's experience.

    Greg Burghardt

    President & CEO
  • Allwest Commercial Furnishings

    Remarkable Service is an easy read, but more importantly, providing remarkable customer service is easier to achieve than many think. Mike Mack lays out a number of key strategies that any business can adopt, complete with great examples. I particularly like the chapter on Why the Little Things Make All The Difference – you don’t have to blow things up and start over to provide Remarkable Service – you can simply make incremental small changes that add up. Go right to page 31 and make your list now!

    Lorne M. Wight

    President & CEO
  • Northwest Territories Chamber of Commerce

    Mike Mack has an uncanny ability to create clarity about the key concepts of remarkable customer service. His book provides simple, practical, plain language advice, using powerful and compelling anecdotes from real life, to put the delivery of remarkable customer service within reach of all those who have the will to achieve it in their businesses. A great read.

    Richard Morland

  • Lexus of Edmonton
    I want to write a recommendation for this great little book. This book from Mike Mack has many great nuggets in it that are clear, simple and yet powerful. These nuggets will help you not only improve, but challenge your  business service philosophy. The ideas and examples in Mike’s book will help you to look at the way you service your customers and you will learn some great ideas that you can use so that your business has  “Remarkable Service!"

    Bruce Kirkland

    Dealer Principal
  • NAI Commercial Real Estate Inc.

    It's not enough to just talk about customer service, it needs to be constantly worked on. Mike's book helps you put tangible and actionable items to work to better increase your organization's customer service. A great read on an crucial business topic.

    Chad Griffiths, CCIM, MRICS

    Partner, Associate Broker
  • Yellowknife Chamber of Commerce
    The Yellowknife Chamber of Commerce hired X5 Management to offer 3 workshops to the Yellowknife business community during Small Business Week in October 2016. Throughout the process of working with X5 Management – we received incredible customer service. X5 answered our questions in a timely manner, created customized training materials for the workshops and delivered outstanding presentations on ‘Customer Service Over The Phone’, ‘Defining Remarkable Service’ and ‘Enhancing Productivity and Time Management and Creating a Culture of Good Habits In Sales and Service’. X5 was very knowledgeable and his presentations were interesting and relevant to our membership. I would highly recommend X5 Management!

    Deneen Everett

    Executive Director


“In my opinion, many businesses don’t put enough focus, attention, and effort into their customer service. I want to bring more awareness to businesses that can make their customer service experiences better and, ideally, remarkable. I also want businesses to feel great about it in the process.”

When was the last time that you made your customer’s problem, your problem?

“Businesses usually don’t focus on the little things that can make their service remarkable. Most customers truly appreciate the little things.”

“While the word “remarkable” is not new, it aligns well with my belief that customer service can be remarkable. But what does remarkable mean exactly? Does your business do something that your customers would “remark” about? It doesn’t have to be big, but it can be memorable and impactful enough to your customer so that they will tell other people, and they may tell lots of people in some situations.”

“Businesses usually don’t focus on the little things that can make their service remarkable. Most customers truly appreciate the little things.”

“Demonstrating value for us must occur before the customer cuts the cheque to our business.”

“As I wrote this story about the Mexican excursion, it hit me hard! While this story is true, and has some humour to it, the sad reality is that it is closer to a daily occurrence for so many businesses that it was a real eye-opener for me.”

“When was the last time that you looked at all aspects of your business from the perspective of your customers? This may not be a common thing that most business owners or leaders do.”

“In good and bad economic times, Customer Service is the one thing that any business can control and improve upon 24/7, 365 days a year.”



X5 Management is a training, coaching & consulting industry expert. Headed by Mike Mack, X5 provides tailored sales and service training to companies in any industry. Their relationship-driven approach is recognizable not just in their own customer service, but in the services and materials they offer.

If your company is looking to improve its bottom line through improved sales skills, soft skills, and customer service experience, X5 can help. Contact our team today and schedule a free Discovery ProfileTM to see how X5 can assist your business.